13 October 2013

During the International Break of Football

During the international break of football has given me the chance to keep up in watching my favorite TV series. And it is for that reason also that I came to know that the new NCIS season has started already. So I did not waste any time to start watching the first three episodes of NCIS Season 11 during my off days last week. That is also because I was so intrigue that Ziva will no longer continue as one of their agents and I am curious as to how they’re going to end her character and what will be the reaction of DiNozzo about it. I’m sure he will be devastated again as he already lost Kate before in a tragic way.
I was also able to watch and concentrate in at least two Formula 1 Grand Prix but sadly, it is still Vettel who won both races in Korea and Japan just this October. Not to mention that he has also won three consecutive Grand Prix before that and he definitely will win his fourth consecutive World Championship title in the upcoming race in India in two weeks. Vettel’s 90-point advantage at the top from his closest rival seems to be insurmountable with only four more races to go. Statistically, it is still possible that Alonso can overtake him as long as Alonso is going to emerge as winner and Vettel only manage to accumulate nine points in the remaining four Grand Prix. Which from many experts opinion is more unlikely and seems very impossible to happen because of the fact that Vettel has won five consecutive races already.

Image from screencapped.net

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