11 October 2013

Learning to Say “Please” and “Thank You”

I already made a post regarding our son that he started going to school already for the first time and so far things are moving forward and doing great. But of course not all good things will just come handy without any downside. And so during his third week in school, he has done his first offense when we read the report of his teacher, that he was throwing sand at his classmate during one of their playtime outside the classroom. And that’s really a very unwelcome situation and not so good development as he already started learning how to incorporate the word “please” and say “thank you”.

We can only hope that when the class resumes next week there’s nothing like it will ever happen again. So for the meantime, they will have a week long vacation to enjoy and that is entirely because of the Eid holiday. And on Monday, we will bring him for a night out camping by the beach. It is actually a pre-winter family get together with my colleagues at work.

And speaking of winter, did you guys got your flu vaccine already? If not then it is time to pay your doctor a visit considering that it would at least take two weeks for the vaccine to have its full potential of protection to kick-off. As for me, I already had my flu shot late last month.

Anyway, I want our son to experience camping out because last year, we went home before midnight because he was not feeling well at that time. He had flu like symptoms a few days before the planned camping and I am hoping that this time around it will be materialized. So tomorrow I will be preparing for the things we need and will check out the store for new camping tents, mattress.


  1. oh. dear!!! sometimes kids can be just kids, that's why we parents are always around to supervise them and to teach them what should and shouldn't be done..

  2. wow! camping by the beach.. that's a lot of fun, especially when you are making a bonfire. As for your son, he is still a baby...I am sure he will change with your guidance.

  3. It is important for the kids to say please an thank you every time they want something. My kids had their flu shuts last month and they are all all set for the cold season ahead :-) I hope that you son will experience camping. It is fun.

  4. i bet your son didnt mean it, he was just carried away... and about the flu vaccine, I haven't done that yet, coz i think i don't need it...maybe one day...hahaha anyways, enjoy the week vacation and the camping.