07 October 2013

Exceptional and Invaluable Customer Service

I can’t help but to remember the unexpected call that I received from SAFA pure drinking water every time Thursday is approaching and it was indeed an exceptional and invaluable customer service. And this is the kind of customer service that will make customers be loyal to the company. It is the kind of service that I am also looking into from companies because it only means one thing; they valued their customers so much.

As I have said in my previous post that I grabbed the opportunity, so I have it delivered the following day because I am not sure whether our last bottle which is half full already would last until the usual delivery day. And true to their words, the delivery van came the next day in the afternoon to refill two empty bottles of 5 liters each and they did not ask for additional fee for the unscheduled service. Although the agent who called me emphasized that it is free and will cost us nothing more than the cost of every bottle itself.
On the other hand, it is not the only exceptional service that they have had because several times in the past we forgot to place outside the house our empty bottles and there’s no single occasion that they left without letting us know. They will knock on the door or use the doorbell when the saw that there’s no bottles outside the house. They will ask us if we still have water or we just simply forgot and most of the time it is the latter that keeps happening. And because of this chain of events, I will no longer pursue the plan of adding a competitor brand even if they had a better initial package.

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