26 October 2013

The Much Anticipated El Clasico

Every time like this when the two biggest clubs in La Liga, if not in the world, will square off or is around the corner, the much anticipated “El Clasico” always made the headline in football world and often times the talk of the town, not only during the match but also the days before and after that. Especially this season wherein the big names in football will be playing against each other, more so and this time around it’s no longer the names of CRon and Messi that will be involved but also the likes of Bale and Neymar. And most notably, the predictions in the outcome of the match come with so many interesting facts.

More so, that some experts believe that there seems to have a relationship between the outcome of the El Clasico and the race for the La Liga title. So whoever wins in the Clasico will eventually gain a significant advantage in winning La Liga especially when the title race is so tight. And statistics have shown that in six out of nine seasons, the team that emerged better in the Clasico would go on to be crowned champions. So anyone who wants the La Liga title must better win the El Clasico. And there’s little doubt that it plays a big role in the title race comes May.

And here are some interesting facts of their head to head matchup. Barca last won against arch-rival Madrid in December 2011 and simply to say that Barcelona had not won in the last five outings against Real Madrid in all competitions. But on the other hand, Barcelona have won their last 20 home league games since that fateful October night last year. So the odds this time seems leaning towards Barcelona hitting the first blow in Clasico and Los Blancos second defeat of the season.

Image from El Clasico/Facebook

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