25 October 2013

Champions League’s Latest Round of Games

The latest round of games in the Champions League group stage has just finished and as early as now, there’s one thing that I noticed between the first four groups and the last four. And that is their total goals scored among them. In fact, groups A to D have already broken the record of goals scored by teams in a single match day at the very first day of the Champions League’s 2013 season. They have scored 30 goals in the curtain raiser, then two weeks later, the total goals scored was 28 and just two days ago they scored 27 goals over all.

While the other groups, E to H, have so far came short of surpassing them or even just come
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closer to groups A to D’s total goals scored. And the recent match was no ordinary from the opening day as another hat trick was produced although in the end, it was not just three goals but four, in fact. In the first day, CRon scored his 21st hat trick in Real Madrid’s shirt then recently, it was Ibra’s turn to showcase his enthralling talent by thrashing their hapless opponent with four goals. And Anderlecht end up losing the game 0-5 to the improving and remarkable PSG side.

So in two weeks, I am looking forward of how many goals they’re going to produce again knowing for the fact that in the first three-round of games they have totaled a whooping 85 goals already. I cannot imagine how many goals they’re going to have again as they already average 28 goals a game.

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