24 October 2013

Fantastic Counting

It is a dream of every parent to have their kids goes to school even if it is not so prestigious as long as they are going to be well educated. So when our son reached 3 years old, we sent him to a nursery school for two reasons. First and very obvious, is in order for him to learn more and secondly, which made up our mind even if he is still 3 years old, so he will be exposed to kids of his age level. That is because he spent most of his time inside the house either playing with us or watching his favorite TV and play with his toys.

He is also confined in the house because of the extreme weather here in our place that he should not be exposed in too much heat of the sun because his eczema will flare up. Last month, we enrolled him for the Nursery School and so far the feedback of his teacher is that he is enjoying in the class. Even though I am apprehensive of him going to school because most of the time he is not listening to us and he keeps on running, we still believe that it is the best for him. And despite all those apprehensions there’s only one thing that would make every parent out there to be proud of their kids. That is when they got awards from school.

So when he came home today, we are so happy for his first special award from school. He got a special award for “Fantastic Counting”.  I’m not sure what he has done in school but I believe they are being evaluated for what they have learned this week as they have a Math week this week. We are indeed grateful in his achievement and his first special award and we are hoping that he will continue to improve especially in his attitude.

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